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to you. michael is a fop class action hant trust lawyer. involved in a number of interesting cases including the -- [inaudible] suing the ncaa on behalf of players for issues more relevant to the conversation you're involved with the nfl concussion lawsuits. right. as you hear the conversation, what runs there you mind as plaintiffs' lawyer are there liability issues here in terms of the, you know, the lack of trained coaches, irresponsibility behavior by some. where is it headed? could we see the same type of litigation at the youth as we have seen from the nfl level. what exact might it have on forces coaches to get training or, you know, people adhering to responsible behavior at the lowest levels. can i start with a yes? >> i know. i know. the seven-barrel question. i apologize. >> the law offers and interesting perspective in the conflict in the discussion gone on today between dr. cantu who is advocating until science proves otherwise it's safest at least to preclude tackling and stay with flag football despite the fact that there are efforts progressively to make the game sa
commission didn't take any action at their meeting but the west soma community plan will continue to move along in the coming months and will eventually change the zoning that's been static in west soma for years, so staff will continue to keep you informed and if commissioner tan or hyde have anything to add, you can do it now or i can finish my report. >> i have a question just on this. so, this plan has been ten years in the making and this goes to you and you and possibly you, so this plan's been ten years in the making and they've come up with all of these recommendations. have they taken into consideration in your best guess changing times, like the city is coming back, we have less unemployment, we have an influx of new tech companies, we possibly are going to have a warrior's arena, has this plan in any way taken into consideration changing times in the future or is it set somewhere 8 or 10 years ago? >> i think that's a loaded question and i'm probably not apt to answer that directly to you. >> anybody have an opinion? >> i sat on the planning task force for a few months. i was a
and the vote took place about 15 minutes ago. >> okay. this is a vote just in the house. when is the action going to be complete? when will the senate complete that? >> well, here in michigan, there is a constitutional provision that requires bills to lay over for a period of five days. we are expecting a vote in the senate by next -- next week on tuesday, and so, you know there will probably be, you know, some more activity throughout the weekend. the legislature has announced session days throughout the weekend, which is pretty uncommon here in michigan so this is not going to stop at least for the in connection few days. then from there, it will go on to the governor's desk where today he indicated he would sign this so-called right to work bill. >> when was aich was a surprise? >> the governor has been consists ent saying it was not on his agenda didn't think it was a prior to. he testified before a congressional panel this year saying he didn't think it was appropriate for michigan in 2012. two days ago, he was asked by a reporter, he finally, said, it's o
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'll act and act in a way that -- as he says if we can only save one life we have to take action. >> stephanie: and jay carney yesterday as well. >> everyone in merck has a steak in doing something to end the scourge of gun violence in this nation. >> stephanie: we did post the conservative case of the assault weapon's ban. >> i will post it now. >> stephanie: ted olson who wrote the conservative proposal for gay marriage. it's the judge that sentenced jared lee laughner. he says we can't draw a sensible line on guns we may as well call the united states a failure. i sentenced jared yesterday. the ban -- the ban wasn't all that stringent if you already owned a gun you could keep it and sell it to somebody else but at least it was something. half of the nation's deadliest shootings occurred after the ban expired. hard six mass shootings that have been deadlyer after the expiration of the ban. bring back the assault weapon's ban. ban manufacturer importation, transfer of high-capacity assault weapons. i don't care whether it's called gun control, i'm all for it. i
an impact beyond just informing. an impact that gets people to take action themselves. as a human being, that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport. (woman) it's looked on by society as a bad thing but actually everyone i know has at least tried it. (man) i take it regularly. yes. but i can take it or leave it. (woman)some friends get addicted and do get into all sort of trouble. they should definitely begin help. (man) most people i know are casual users who take it occasionally and carry ... (woman) i know a lot of people who take it who are, you know, respectable members of society and have professional jobs. >> unfortunately, the way that the laws are created under the un systems, if you're arrested as a drug dealer, then we tend to give you very heavy penalties, whatever your story is. we are very poor at distinguishing between the powerful in the drug market, and the powerless. what ecuador has done is shown us there is a different way of going about this. (vo) when the clock runs out when the last card is played what will be remembered? explore the lives of t
it down, the u.s. will see that as an aggressive action. last month they tried to shoot one down in the same place. ayear ago iran claimed to have brought down a more technical drone. >> cenk: that is three different instances of at least firing or capturing one of our drones. the last time the americans said no absolutely not, one of our drones just happened to get lost. later, they said yeah, ok, that was our drone. by the way we want it back from iran. we're just flying an illegal drone over your air space would you give i did back to us. iran said no. take a look at this map. look at our bases and fleet surrounding iran. somebody said iran is starting to start a war with the u.s. look how close they put their country to our military bases. the issue of the zone is tragic. in iran, they're just doing surveillance as far as we though. walter green went to pakistan to look into this further, one of the few journalists doing that, president of the brave new foundation, also the director of rethink afghanistan, koch brothers exposed author. what did you see? >> it was extraordinar
debating and wishing to take an action? it is very hard to hear. the presiding officer: the senator is correct. would the senate please be in order? the chair is determining which section the point of order lies against. the presiding officer: the senator from alabama is recognized. mr. sessions: to further extend my point of order, i would ask that both the budget point of order lie against both emergency sections that are contained in the bill. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from oregon. mr. merkley: this is a budget point of order against this being an emergency. if you are a farmer or a rancher and your property or the property you rent from the b.l.m. --. the presiding officer: the senator from oregon is advised the point of order is not debatable. mr. merkley: i ask consent to complete 30 seconds of remarks. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. merkley: if you are a farmer or reanchg rancher saying this is not an emergency is cold comfort. saying it will be addressed in the farm bill is cold comfort. when your land is burned up, when you
with an immediately actionable plan, a blueprint to guide our actions, and we will complete this part of this process. we have already seen how the impact to cell service can dominate the real market, but we note demand out there currently that is not met and the demand will continue to rise, and ultimately we cannot meet that demand without a sustained commitment from the government. it is up to us to rise to that challenge to us as we have so many times in the past. we have been recently reminded of this after hurricane sandy, which caused unprecedented damage. after efforts to restore services, we saw a picture of how the central the northeast corridor is to put the economy and a way of life. it makes you think, what of alexander cassatt, the president of the pennsylvania railroad, would have thought in the 19th century? today penn station accommodates 550,000 passengers today. in 1900, those tunnels were called to expensive, impossible to build. some of cassatt's shareholders thought he was nuts, but can you imagine new york today without it? sandy showed us what new york was without it. it is up
the country as they are looking for frankly someone to say we care about your kids. we were taking action. we recognize challenges and were doing something about it. so virtually there's two sides as best as i can tell. there's a sports site in the football side and of course the science side. i will let the medical experts talk about the science side. certainly zÜrich and others have been working closely for some time. u.s.a. football have 3 million kids to play tackle football. roughly two-point play flag. it is a great outfit, a great option. in fact we suggest the experience should be flag no matter what age. in addition, we work with pop warner to make them better and safer. if that includes things that really nationally accredited program, using practice plans. most coaches doug is practice plans come as you make sure you have an organized structure prior to his to make sure we have volunteers to come the commissioners, coaches out there putting their time. we need to educate them. certainly every medical expert, every expert on this issue comes back to education being the most critica
to 25, roll call votes. in order to complete action on the fisa bill and on the supplemental appropriations bill. the senate will recess from 12:30 p.m. until 2:15 p.m. to allow for caucus meetings. additional votes in relation to executive nominations are possible today. the presiding officer: under the previous order, the leadership time is reserved. the senate will proceed to the consideration of h.r. 5949, which the clerk will report. the clerk: calendar number 510, an act to extend the fisa amendments act of 2008 for five years. the presiding officer: under the previous order, -- the presiding officer: the senator from oregon. mr. wyden: i ask unanimous consent to vacate the quorum call -- we're not in a quorum call. i ask unanimous consent to call up my amendment which is at the desk. the presiding officer: without objection. the clerk will report the amendment. the clerk: the senator from oregon, mr. wyden for himself and others proposes amendment numbered 3439. at the end, add ad the following, section 5, report on the impact of the fisa amendments act of -- mr. wyden
have to, um, verbally as well as in your actions. and you have to be a creative person in that sense if you're going to be able to work with others and communicate with others. and i think it's just a valuable experience for them. hendrick: how can we help the children in our care develop their ability to talk, think, and express their ideas to the fullest? and not only that, how do we encourage them to listen to other people? teacher: is that a train track? the pigs are playing with his toys. would you be upset if some pigs came in your room and were playing with your toys? do you think they would break them? what do you think would happen if you had pigs in your room? i would kick them out. you would kick them out? hendrick: we have 4 simple goals in this program: to understand and appreciate the relationship of speech and language to the thought process; to learn new ways we can help foster the development of language and thought in our children; to understand and appreciate the value of language differences among the children in our care; to learn how to foster emergent literacy
... that particularly the actions in arizona and the mood, generally, of the last 18 months, two years, you know, has sort of raised the specter of anti-latino sentiment in the united states, but i wouldn't say that it's to the same level as the generations before. you know, for instance, just at a basic level, you know, in the year 2010, it's possible to be a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, and it was in theory possible two generations ago but that really didn't happen much. it's possible now to go and conduct commerce anywhere in the united states as a latino. you're not going to be held back from that. so i do believe that this younger generation has many advantages that they should take advantage of and get as well educated as possible. what worries me sometimes, though, i will say, is that a lot of the younger generation-- not only of latinos but of americans-- i think doesn't have a sufficient understanding of the history of how we got here or a respect for the contributions that past generations have made so that they can have those opportunities. >> hinojosa: so for example, what is it that yo
why were not actions taken? i think there are further questions to make sure, number one, that not only what happened within the state department, but across agencies here. this is an issue where it's important that not only it was within the secretary of state with the department of defense issued that we talked about. and we have made a request from the chairman, to the chairman of the armed services committee, chairman levin, for a hearing before the armed services committee. we made that request this morning. so that we can have a full hearing before the committee to find out why we didn't have military assets in place and what the thinking was there. >> senator, as mentioned there will be a new defense secretary. it will be your friend and colleague, senator john kerry. i wonder if you and senator graham -- sorry. secretary of state. if you and senator graham could reflect on the appointment and what you seek him how you see his confirmation process playing out. >> first of all, we always believed that the president of the united states, by virtue of winning an elect
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for having consensual that. they saved affirmative-action in the famous case from michigan law school. case after case reject the bush administration position on guantÁnamo bay and treatment of the detainees there. so why did the court of last? well, the court move left because sandra day o'connor grew more and more alienated from the modern republican party. she didn't like john ashcroft. she did not warrant here has been connect it. she didn't like the way the war in iraq was being conducted and above all, she was alienated by something that doesn't get talked about a lot now, but the one very large in the history of our country. not just the supreme court. and this terry schiavo case. the terry schiavo case had a big impact on justice o'connor summoned the police and judicial independence, the summit dealing, although many people didn't know at the time come with dissent ever has been alzheimer's disease. the idea of medical decision-making for a critically alpert was not just an abstraction for justice o'connor. in 2005 she left the court to take care of her husband and she was replace
in action. my studio is set in the middle of thirty acres of vineyards. i'm on the border of napa and sonoma counties. so, my studio is in napa county. my mailbox is in sonoma county. lynn mahon's the artist in residence at latour vineyards. while his location among the vines may seem picture perfect, the art he's making here is, by his own account, anything but. there's a tendency with ceramic artists that they want to make perfect vessels. they want everything. they want things to match up. they want to be recognized for the same things. where i really like to undo things. i like to, to make them so you can't. i mean you'll recognize that it's mine because it looks so crazy. and it's so chaotic. i, i add chaos to the perfect pot. a quick peek around lynn's studio confirms it -- this guy's art is free form, not unlike nature around it. and occasionally, downright dinged up. i'll make a perfect vase and then i un-make it by messing it up. so tell me about this piece? dad's sixtieth birthday. and it's a fountain. there will be a tube of water that will shoot down into this bowl here and it'll
action for themselves. as a human being that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport. >> i can't believe there is a real santa. >> so that year i got a vibrator from santa, that was really from santa? >> stephanie: just what we need, more bushes. did you see that jenna bush is pregnant? we wish her well. she said i'm nervous and so excited to say henry and i are pregnant or i'm pregnant. yeah, we get it. >> stephanie: you're the one. >> it is often times a couple can use the royal we as we're pregnant. that's okay. but in her defense -- >> stephanie: yes? >> there probably are family members who were momentarily confused. if history is -- path to prologue. they went oh my god what? oh! just you. it is the end times. jehovah god. michele bachmann called and congratulated him and then she went over and yelled at marcus. >> the day is at hand. we're in the last days. your jehovah god. >> maybe marcus can carry the next five. >> stephanie: is it me or -- she talks like a toddler. please don't
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